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As a teacher with decades of experience, Maria del Espadin insists upon the importance of precision and clarity in teaching. She is dedicated to the promotion of tradition and excellence in the instruction of Flamenco and Spanish Dance. Ms. del Espadin has devised a logical and structured system of study by which the student progresses from level to level in a clearly defined way. Through a series of exercises for strength and flexibility, students achieve strong and clean footwork and highly expressive arm and hand movements. They learn castanet technique, turns, skirt work, and the use of the “bata de cola” (dress with a train), the shawl and the fan.

Ms. del Espadin focuses on the development of technique through the integration of footwork patterns, arm movements, body attitude and turns. Students receive a clear and thorough understanding of “compas” (rhythm) by practicing “palmas” (hand-clapping) and learning to dance to live guitar music. High-level classes are based on the coordination of dance rhythms with musical accompaniment, spontaneity, improvisation, interpretation and personal style. An accurate knowledge of the history, structures and correct costuming of dances is also taught.


Ms. del Espadin also offers workshops in costuming, theatrical make-up and flamenco “cante” (song). Private classes are available by appointment.

La Tempestad is also available for workshops in Flamenco, Spanish Dance and Belly Dance. Private classes are available by appointment. Please email her at

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